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Empower your growing business with expert evaluation, actionable insights, and strategic automation.

Are you an entrepreneur or sales leader in a growing business?

Congratulations on your business growth journey! As you scale, have you noticed your sales process becoming a puzzle of chaos and confusion? You’re not alone. Many successful entrepreneurs face new challenges with their strategies and technology tools as they expand.

If you’re managing sales activities that feel scattered, with data trapped in silos across various systems (shopping cart, CRM, email marketing), it’s time for a change. As your business evolves, the tools that once served you well are revealing weaknesses and becoming harder to manage. It’s a common pain point, but there’s a solution.

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Introducing Otium's Sales Automation Experts

Meet Otium, your guide to a streamlined and effective sales system. Our Sales System Assessment is a 14-day intensive program designed to evaluate your strategies, goals, and tools. Our experts will mystery shop your buyers’ journey, map your customer lifecycle, interview you about your goals, and conduct a detailed audit of your CRM or e-commerce system.

We specialize in empowering entrepreneurs and sales leaders facing the challenges of growth (typically in the $1-3 million sales range). With Otium, you’re not just getting a diagnosis; you’re getting actionable solutions tailored to your business.

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Transform Your Sales System in Just 14 Days

By evaluating every aspect of your current sales system, from goals to workflows, people to customer experience, we help you define and implement an improved system that operates successfully at scale. Imagine making more money, saving time, and reducing chaos without distractions.

Are you ready to define your business goals, identify weaknesses in your technology tools, and break through to a new level of sales success? Book your Sales System Assessment now for $1497, and let our automation experts guide you through the process.

Why Choose Otium?

At Otium, we’re not just about working harder; we’re about working smarter. As sales automation experts, we focus on better automations and integrations in your sales tools. We provide solutions that go beyond making more calls – we enhance your entire sales process.

Experience Rapid Transformation

This is not a lengthy process; it’s a fast-paced 14-day intensive evaluation. Our automation experts at Otium will handle the work, conduct interviews, and form recommendations. It’s a done-with-you approach that brings rapid results.

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Ready to transform your sales system? Book your Sales System Assessment now for $1497. Once you’ve made your purchase, a member of our team will call you within 24 hours to collect the project brief and schedule your goal-setting call, journey mapping call, and results call. The entire process, from start to finish, typically takes two weeks.

sales system Assessment

  • Current Buyers’ Journey Analysis
  • Sales Goal Setting Session
  • Customer Lifecycle Mapping Session
  • “Moment of Money” Analysis
  • CRM and E-Commerce System Audit
  • Results Call
  • Results Report  

$1497 USD | 14-day Program

Questions and Answers

We want to get this done fast! Sales leaders and entrepreneurs have the power and responsibility to make continuous improvements to their sales systems. 

Digital transformation and introduction of new tools and strategies shouldn’t take months or years. 

We deliver these assessments in two-weeks so that we can dive deep into the process with purpose and build excitement and momentum around the improvements you can expect. It also give us enough time to collect all of the access we need, conduct our investigation inside of your sales tools, and interview you up to three times. 

Speed to Lead is one of more than 25 indicators we use to assess your sales system. Simply put, when a prospect is interested in buying from you (any also your competitors), what specific tools and strategies do you use to make sure you connect with them faster than they could have imagined. When you’re first to make contact in a professional manner, you will be the most likely to win the deal. 

Your results call will uncover a number of options. We expect you to get genuine value from your sales system assessment – ideas for improvement and ways to unlock opportunity which you could action yourself, with your staff, or by engaging implementation experts like us at Otium. 

We have our signature program “Build by Otium” as well as custom accelerators and campaign management services.

The audit is a the most technical focused element of the sales system assessment. 

We are experts in harnessing the power of popular Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. We will evaluate you existing tools and automations.

Specifically it covers:

  • Data Organization – Tagging Name and Category Standards
  • Data Organization – Custom Field Uses
  • Email Deliverability – List Hygiene and Automated Management
  • Email Deliverability – Authentication and Reputation
  • Performance – Saved Searches Inventory
  • Performance – Campaign Design Integrity
  • Performance – Reporting Design Integrity
  • Security – Active Integration Review

After our initial phone call, which takes 10-minutes and happens within 24 hours of buying your assessment, there are three more detailed calls. 

  1. Goal Setting Coaching Session – Approx. 30 minutes on Google Meet
  2. Customer Lifecycle Mapping Session – Approx. 60 minutes on Google Meet. 
  3. Assessment Results Session – Approx. 60 minutes on Google Meet. 

We’ll book all three sessions at mutually agreeable times during our initial phone call.

Otium wants you to be entirely satisfied with the value you receive from your assessment. If at any time in the 14-day program you are not entirely satisfied we’ll give a 100% refund, unconditionally. 

We have no pre-conceived ideas of what CRM, e-commerce or integration systems you’re using now or will choose later on.

We are proud to have strong partnerships with many platform providers, but our recommendations will be those that best serve your goals and results of the audit. 

This means you may absolutely stay with the technology products you use now, or change if there is a compelling, goal oriented reason to do so. 

Yes. We are happy to meet with you before you officially decide to jump into this service. Visit otiumautomation.com/book-a-call/ for a free 15-minute introduction session. 

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