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level up your business

We help business owners and sales leaders scale their business
by revolutionizing their customer journey with automation.

save time

Systems that work automatically and habitually, without human intervention.

reduce uncertainty

Whether it’s sales, operations, or
project deliverables, automation ensures that no detail is missed.

improve conversion

Nurture leads through consistent and repeatable processes.

increase revenue

Less time spent on busy work, more time spent on revenue generating activities.

who we are

Starting a business is no small task, and scaling it can feel impossible. You shouldn’t need to worry about spending too much time on admin, struggling to build processes that work, or wondering how to get to that next profit goal.

There is endless potential, but for your business to thrive, your customer journey needs to be repeatable, scalable, and profitable. That’s where we come in.

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what we do

And more! Technology and automated processes are the tools we use to get your business running like a machine, getting things done you didn’t even know were possible, and giving you more time to focus on what you love. Our automated processes and solutions help build businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our consultation and coaching sessions provide the foundation, and the unique Otium Method is the blueprint for bridging it all together.

who you are

You’re an expert in your industry and an innovator who isn’t afraid of the hard work it takes to build a business. Now that your business has gained traction, you’re looking for a path that can take your business to the next level of growth, success, and ease that you know it has the potential for.

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your automation solution

Start with one of otium’s flagship automation Services

Sales System Assessment

By evaluating every aspect of your current sales system, from goals to workflows, people to customer experience, we help you define an improved system that operates successfully at scale. Imagine making more money, saving time, and reducing chaos without distractions.

  • Current Buyers’ Journey Analysis
  • Sales Goal Setting Session
  • Customer Lifecycle Mapping Session
  • “Moment of Money” Analysis
  • CRM and E-Commerce System Audit
  • Results Call
  • Results Report

14-Days | Quick Service | Step One with Otium

build by Otium

Transform your sales systems to make more money, save your time and reduce chaos for your scaling businesses. Automation experts at Otium do the heavy lifting to make your CRM, E-commerce, and Marketing Automation tools work in efficient, effective and powerful ways.

  • Enhanced Goal setting
  • Enhanced Journey Mapping
  • Technology Selection and Expert Setup
  • Ongoing Creation of Automated Workflows
  • Advanced Integration Configuration
  • Two 60-minute Implementation Calls per Month
  • Professional Documentation
  • Email Authentication and Health Services
  • Technical Support and Monitoring

6-Months | Full Program | Ideal for Scaling Businesses

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