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what we do

the otium method

Our automations are a combination of strategies and technology tools that deliver consistent and profitable customer experiences. But the solution is much more than just automations. We act as your guide and coach, helping you examine your business and envision a better foundation for everything that you do.

The Otium Method serves you in six steps.


Set goals

We’ll help you take a step back, reflect on your business, and set achievable goals for the solution.

After this 30-minute goal-setting session, we’ll clearly understand the motivating factors and pain points that will drive the strategy behind what we build together.


Journey mapping

Now that we know why we’re automating, we’ll work to uncover what processes we’re working with.

In this 60-minute session, we’ll explore your customer journey and identify ideas for optimization.



We’ll scope out your program and prioritize what needs to be done to get measured results within the first month.

Communication is key here so we can give you the information you need and understand your story.



Our team will build, test, and prepare training for your solution, evaluate our progress, and make adjustments as needed.

You’ll work with your coach for business success and product hand-over as we implement each new automation.



We’ll work with you to identify opportunities for future automation and decide if a new Build, Sustain or Scale plan could help reach your next goals.

Progress can spark new ideas, and we’re here to help you unlock even more potential!



The most exciting step! We’ll wrap up by handing over your solution, including the information you need to use it successfully.

Together we review and celebrate the progress made towards your time saved, money made, and uncertainty reduced!

the power of automation

Automation can help you reach objectives within three key goals:

Save time

With systems that work automatically and habitually without human intervention, so you can focus on your zone of genius. You can accomplish needle-moving tasks and achieve a better life-work balance, without sacrificing time.

Make money

With less time spent on busy work, and more time spent on revenue-generating activities. Combining automation with business strategy also makes your processes more efficient, predictable, and scalable. You can increase capacity without increasing costs.

Reduce uncertainty

With systems that ensure each step is done on time and properly, every time. Whether it’s sales, operations, or project deliverables, automation ensures that no detail is missed. You can take pauses without fearing that your business will fall apart.